55 Now, New Job, New Music, NEW GOALS!

Ok, first post since June 2017. What’s happened;

Two weeks ago I turned 55.

5 weeks ago I left my job after almost 28 years for a new challenge in a completely different field. (Separate Blog)

I found some new music that I can actually enjoy.

And now I am setting my sights on new running goals!!!!

Not sure yet today what my plan is, but I know that I CAN DO whatever it will be! Pretty cool feeling!!!!


Am I Just Goal Oriented 

I feel so un-driven right now. I can’t seem to get myself going. 

The last four years have been so much fun and rewarding. I went from a 48 year old guy who couldn’t run 0.2 tenths of a mile to “feeling the feeling” running in two Broad Street Runs ( 10 miler) with a PR of 1:39 or under 10 min miles and in November my first Half at the age of 52.

Since then I just can’t get motivated. I have run on many weeks once or twice but just not feeling THAT PUSH. I even bought new running shoes advice from my adopted coach. Hasn’t helped.

Do do I love running or do I love the challenge?

Tomorrow I will attempt to kick start this again.

Wish me luck!

Broad Street Run, I missed you – BUT!

For the last two springs I trained to prepare for the 10 mile BSR. This year I made the decision to forgo the race so I can watch my daughters final performance of her 2017 Indoor Guard season.

The Pennsauken Independent Guard team had a magnificent year with a very moving show. After a miraculous 6th place finish in the World Championships in Dayton Ohio, they finished the season on Sunday with an outstanding performance in Wildwood NJ at the TIA Championships. Not only did they win, but scored a 97.70 which was the highest in our school history (which is loaded with great seasons). This score was also the highest score of any Indoor Guard group in any division during the weekend. Just spectacular!!!

I did watch the Broad Street Run on TV and struggled a bit doing so. BUT watching my daughters final performance of the year and the emotions that went with that was so worth it.

I don’t know if she will ever experience the year they had again, but I do know I can run the BSR next year and the year after and the year after that.

So proud of you Emily!

So this is how it goes?

You get all excited and run your first 5k (4 years ago). Then get motivated and I talked myself into running the Philly Broad Street Run 10 miler. Then I want to beat my disappointing time and run the 10 miler again. I kill it and feel very content. Time to move on to other challenges right?

Nope, now I have t talk myself into a Half Marathon. Somewhat happy with the results (Hills were brutal) but very content with the accomplishment. Ok, move on…..

Nope, now I’m feeling I have to best my Half time. WHY? Will this ever stop?

I do enjoy running. I probably enjoy the feeling of accomplishment more. So, I guess this is how it goes!!!!!!

Philly R&R Half I guess!


Half Marathon Training – Week 3

Week 3 was supposed to be my breakout week. Back from vacation feeling good and weather cooling off a bit. Things don’t always go as planned as most of you know.

Week started off great. I PR’d my 5k time (27:51) without even trying. Not even in a race. Next morning I felt a little something in my left knee. Not pain, just something wasn’t right. I made the decision to not run since I’m still over 12 weeks away. I ran a little 2 miles the following day and took Friday off as scheduled. Hoping this would go away. Saturday I ran in the gym to go lighter on the knee even though it wasn’t bothering me. All good except on Saturday after my run, I stubbed my little toe (sandals) on our cement steps while washing our cars. Broken or bruised? Wasn’t sure, but hurt a bit and was certainly tender.

Sunday, last day of the week and needed to give my knee a little test and overcome the toe thing. Toe felt better and no pain when stepping on it, so good! I got out just before sunrise (pictured) for a run at my favorite place so I could just relax and enjoy the run. I didn’t hit the target 5 miles, but 3.6 was a good enough test today and was content with my effort. Knee was fine during run, but that little knot again for a few hours after.


I missed the mark this week (again) but I know I sacrificed a little short term, hopefully for success long term.

Week 3 results below, Let’s see how week 4 goes?

WEEK 3 Goal Actual
Mon 0.0 0.0
Tues 3.0 3.1
Wed 3.0 0.0
Thu 3.0 2.0
Fri 0.0 0.0
Sat 3.0 3.0 Gym
Sun 5.0 3.6
Tot 17.0 11.7

Sunrise at Cooper River, NJ


Half Training – Week 2

My second week picked up comfortably from week one. Still nasty hot, but pushing through. Went on a mini 4 day vacation down the NJ Shore so a little concerned about discipline nutritionally and focus on goals.

Friday was off day but Saturday was the challenge. All day on beach on Friday and boardwalk until after 10 at night. over 15K steps and drained. Made the decision to skip run on Saturday so my wife and I could enjoy waterpark and plan a nice early Sunday morning run. Sunday, did a comfortable 4.8 miles and watched the sunrise after my run. (sorry for the blurry pic, didn’t want to stop, never seen boardwalk that empty)

WEEK 2 Goal Actual
Mon 0.0 0.0
Tues 3.0 3.2
Wed 3.0 3.0
Thu 3.0 2.7
Fri 0.0 0.0
Sat 3.0 0.0 15k steps walking
Sun 4.0 4.8 Boardwalk Sunrise Run
Tot 16.0 13.7

So, I missed my goal for the week, but enjoyed the weekend. Beach a couple days, Waterpark, and enjoyed a good band on Sunday night with a couple of cold ones.

(Lost a pound as well!)

Nice temps hitting this week, will have exciting report next week.


Half Marathon Training – Goal Settling