Half Training – Week 2

My second week picked up comfortably from week one. Still nasty hot, but pushing through. Went on a mini 4 day vacation down the NJ Shore so a little concerned about discipline nutritionally and focus on goals.

Friday was off day but Saturday was the challenge. All day on beach on Friday and boardwalk until after 10 at night. over 15K steps and drained. Made the decision to skip run on Saturday so my wife and I could enjoy waterpark and plan a nice early Sunday morning run. Sunday, did a comfortable 4.8 miles and watched the sunrise after my run. (sorry for the blurry pic, didn’t want to stop, never seen boardwalk that empty)

WEEK 2 Goal Actual
Mon 0.0 0.0
Tues 3.0 3.2
Wed 3.0 3.0
Thu 3.0 2.7
Fri 0.0 0.0
Sat 3.0 0.0 15k steps walking
Sun 4.0 4.8 Boardwalk Sunrise Run
Tot 16.0 13.7

So, I missed my goal for the week, but enjoyed the weekend. Beach a couple days, Waterpark, and enjoyed a good band on Sunday night with a couple of cold ones.

(Lost a pound as well!)

Nice temps hitting this week, will have exciting report next week.



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