Broad Street Run, I missed you – BUT!

For the last two springs I trained to prepare for the 10 mile BSR. This year I made the decision to forgo the race so I can watch my daughters final performance of her 2017 Indoor Guard season.

The Pennsauken Independent Guard team had a magnificent year with a very moving show. After a miraculous 6th place finish in the World Championships in Dayton Ohio, they finished the season on Sunday with an outstanding performance in Wildwood NJ at the TIA Championships. Not only did they win, but scored a 97.70 which was the highest in our school history (which is loaded with great seasons). This score was also the highest score of any Indoor Guard group in any division during the weekend. Just spectacular!!!

I did watch the Broad Street Run on TV and struggled a bit doing so. BUT watching my daughters final performance of the year and the emotions that went with that was so worth it.

I don’t know if she will ever experience the year they had again, but I do know I can run the BSR next year and the year after and the year after that.

So proud of you Emily!


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