Half Training Plan

OK, first time¬†writing in a while. Posting my first Half Training Plan. Running Philly Half in November. I’m excited to¬†begin my 15 week training plan today. Only one 5K planned (9/11 run) at this time.

Just cant wait for the weather to break and cool off!!!!!

Week Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
1 3 3 off 3 off 3 4
2 off 3 3 3 off 3 4
3 off 3 3 3 off 3 5
4 off 3 4 3 off 4 5
5 off 4 5 3 off 3 5
6 3.1 3 5 3 off 4 4
7 off 4 5 4 off 4 7
8 off 4 5 4 off 3 7
9 off 4 4 4 off 4 8
10 off 4 6 4 off 4 9
11 4 off 6 4 off 4 10
12 off 4 6 4 off 3 11
13 off 4 5 4 off 4 12
14 off 4 5 4 off 3 6
15 off 4 3 3 off 13.1 0

Going to mix in some core work once a week.


Broad Street (Rain) Run

BSR #2 is in the books. All I can say is WOW! I could make this a very long detailed account of my finest run to date, but I will summarize as best I can.

I want to start off with you, fellow bloggers. I really enjoy reading everyone’s words of encouragement, advice, and expertise. Writing is an outlet for me, but reading is information. Valuable informatuon. I listened and applied it all to increase my chances for success. IT WORKED!

I developed a solid training plan for the 10 miler and stuck with it. No short cuts and no excuses. I learned to run in the morning before work and enjoy it. I learned how to breath better. I learned that mental toughness is just as powerful as physical readiness.  Also learned that every race is different. Things happen that you can’t account for and you need to be ready to adjust.

Months of training came winding down and that dreaded forecast of rain was more and more real. With not a lot of experience running in rain, I decided to do a rain run a few days prior. It honestly felt great and I turned what I initially thought would be a negative into a positive as the rain would keep the temps down. The temp was very warm last year and helped to kill my time on last 2 miles. Not this year! GOAL- cut 15 minutes off LY dissapointing time of 1:59. 1:45 would be very satisfying. So signed up for 1:30-1:40 corral. ( two corrals better).

Steady rain was beginning to soak through already and race didn’t even start yet. But blocked it out and stayed focused on positive. I trained well, confident, and cool temps. I was ready!!!!

I stayed with my race plan to a tee. It was a wonderful race again this year. Crowds were better than expected with all the rain and chilly weather. 

I just enjoyed the run. Unplugged headphones the last two miles to just soak (no pun) it all in. Felt great!!!! 

I knocked 20 minutes off my LY time and finished 1:39 or 9:56 pace. What a great feeling!

Pictured with my medal is my best friend during the race, my well tailored trash bag! Thanks buddy!

Part of our team pre race! Staying dry as long as possible. ( note my perfectly fitted trash bag)

If you haven’t run this race, highly recommend. 

I absolutely love this race!!!!! 

Now….. Is the Half on the horizon?

Broad Street Run in Two Weeks!

Nice week for me.

Friday 10k run was a bit disappointing, labored a bit. Doubts creep in my head… Can I really do it? Can I do a Half?

 Planning on doing my first Half this fall and I wonder if I can do it. But for now, my focus is the BROAD STREET RUN 10m race in two weeks! 

I can’t wait. I’m already in countdown mode. 

Goal – knock 15 mins off my time!

WINTER-Enough Already

29 degree run this morning. Ok I feel great that I did it as it is extra satisfying cause I could have waited another day or two, but ITS APRIL 6th. Easter has come and gone, we sprung ahead our clocks, and only 24 days to Broad Street Run. 


AM Runs

What is it about early morning runs that just makes you feel great all day? Is it the fact (in today’s case that it was 37 degrees at 545 am) that you push through something that most don’t? Or is it getting the miles in and out if the way? Is it the peacefulness of it being dark with no traffic and very minimal movement out there?

It would be easy to just relax and catch up on news and sports while getting ready for work like I have for the past 30 years. But I have started to fit this morning run in and I have to be honest I really love it! I have done about 5 or 6 pre work runs now and plan on it being routine especially once the weather changes FOR GOOD.

I ran 3.3m this morning at a very mild pace and I feel fantastic!  

41 Days to Broad Street Run

Half Marathon Training